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It is our mission to help homeowners and businesses take control of their energy costs through practical solar and wind solutions. We take a custom approach to solar and wind; we'll audit your home and discover the products best suited to maximize your home's energy efficiency and protect it against fluctuating utility costs for decades to come.

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We serve all of Texas and neighboring states including Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Arkansas.


Amazing Solar Solutions installs solar hot water heating and solar PV systems, as well as attic insulation and ventilation. We’ll conduct an energy evaluation of your home, and recommend a solar package that can help your home save 30 to 45% on its energy costs.

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Solar & Wind Power Energy Credits & Rebabte Programs
The Federal government is currently offering tax credits for 30% of the cost of a Solar Energy System, and many states also offer very attractive tax credit and rebate for homeowners who implement solar and wind solutions. Learn more about these programs by clicking the links below:

Federal Tax Credit & Rebate Programs
Texas Credits & Rebates Programs
Oklahoma Credits & Rebates Programs
Louisiana Credits & Rebates Programs
New Mexico Credits & Rebates Programs

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